Update, 07/21/2017

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting my website here. Its still quite young, but I plan to upload many exercises and routines that I’ve been meaning to make public for some time now. Within the week I plan on uploading…

  • Recordings of all of the trombone etudes for the 2017-2018 TMEA all-state audition process
  • Annotated copies of the above etudes
  • My presentation slideshow from my TBA presentation on Bass Trombone etudes
  • A list of my favorite repertoire for various needs
  • A daily routine for Bass Trombonists
  • Useful exercises for all low brass players
  • More blog posts both on practice techniques for trombonists and analytical techniques in music theory, stay tuned!

For those of you that talked to me at TBA, you can contact me with the form under the “contact” heading up on my home website, http://www.paulvgarza.com, feel free to send me an email, I’m always up for helping aspiring players get better.

That’s all for now!